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There are a total of 7 Flats at the Gauntlet which can clearly be seen on the plan (please see below). An example is shown in the photograph.

The Gauntlet offers a haven in the centre of the town. It is without doubt the securest setting in Glastonbury, as they were built to the latest fire regulations and have over 30 cameras that record 24hours per day. The Gates are shut at night with entrance codes for the Tenants. The lanterns are set to come on at night which adds to its olde world charm but they are also very practical for the tenants.

Flats 2,4,6,8 & 10 were renovated in 2005 and flats 12 & 14 were newly built and added in June 2007.

The rent starts at 550.00 per month which is great value for a central position.
Although usually we are fully let if you are interested in a flat please leave your contact details along with any specific requirements and we will hold your details should a Flat become available.

Flats to let - planFlat 2 Is a two bed flat - Double Aspect - Overlooking the High street and Thoroughfare Situated on the top floor

Flat 4 Is a large one bed flat - Double Aspect - overlooking the High Street and the thoroughfare Situated on 1st floor

Flat 6 Is a small studio flat - Overlooking the High street on 1st floor

Flat 8 Is a small studio flat - Overlooking the walkway on 1st floor

Flat 10 Is a one bed flat - Overlooking the Thoroughfare on 1st floor

Flat 12 Is a studio flat - Overlooking the Thoroughfare on 1st floor

Flat 14 Is our only maisonette, a one bed flat - Double Aspect-Overlooking the St Johns car park and Thoroughfare
situated on 1st floor but entered from the ground floor

St Johns Flat - One bed flat 10 metres from the Gauntlet
Situated at 11/13 St Johnstone Square , Glastonbury
accessed from the St Johns car park

Flats 12 and 14 planFor plans and technical information please click here to visit our downloads area.

For more information email: [email protected]