At the Gauntlet we like to pioneer , and are the first section of the town to introduce footfall counters.
We installed the state of the art footfall in December, the counters operate from both entrances in the Gauntlet. The counters were showing a very healthy footfall of which we were very happy with under the under the circumstances.
Of course we had been in lockdown in Jan , Feb , March , up to 12th April , but hopefully now the vaccines have been rolled out and visitors return they will prove to be vital tools for the future.

The data is crucial for both marketing purposes whilst being very useful to each of the individual shops.

The Agents can now give an accurate footfall count, and this will help potential Tenants make an informed decision as to whether to lease a shop and which one is visited more often . This will also help with the pricing structure and which shops are more popular. The Tenants will be able to assess conversation rates and review opening days and times along with other mathematical assessments which will bring a new dimension to the operation.

The data provides a wealth of knowledge 24/7 365 days a year which will show a range of data from hot spots to social distancing and as Covid -19 is still prevalent the new technology will assist us to ensure a first class safety policy is maintained.

We have also installed a new CCTV system which makes the Gauntlet the safest and most secure shopping area in Glastonbury, continuing to set the bar for the town.